Electronic Press Kit: What it is, What to Include and How

Electronic Press Kit: What it is, What to Include and How

An Electronic Press Kit, or EPK, almost acts like a CV for an artist or band. 

It contains all the performer’s information which can then be then shared with any number of people including marketers, publicists, managers etc. 

They are often used for promotional purposes such as to announce an upcoming release or show. 

So, what should I definitely include in my EPK?

  • Images
    • Show off your identity with well-shot images. 
    • Use both professionally taken and on-stage, off the cuff images for a well-rounded portfolio. 
  • Short Biography
    • Introduce yourself to the reader.
    • Keep it brief but include the ‘headlines’. 
    • This could be any notable moments or any major success stories you’ve had so far. 
    • This is where you can really hook someone in. 
  • Music
    • It’s not enough to just tell people you’re great, you’ve gotta let them hear it for themselves. 
    • Depending on how you present your EPK, these can be embedded videos or links to streaming platforms. 
    • Put your best foot forward with your most popular song or the song that’s resonated with your fanbase the most. 
  • Contact Information
    • You’ve got them hooked, now they need to be able to contact you. 
    • A website address and email are great to include but think about social links too. If you can get another follower out of it – score! 
  • Press and Testimonials
    • If you have any external media surrounding you/your band, make sure to add that to your EPK.
    • It will show others your previous successes and inspire trust in you. 

Added EPK Bonuses

  • Long Biography
    • This is where you outline yourself more clearly.
    • Definite your genre and go into more detail about who you are and how you got started. 
    • Keep the language casual and write like you’re talking to someone you want to be your friend! 
  • Logo
    • Including your artist logo adds an element of professionalism to your EPK.
    • Logos are what help you define yourself visually without the need for words. 
  • Album Art
    • Your album art speaks more words than your biography can. 
    • It can give your readers an immediate sense of what your music is like without having to read a single word. 
  • Tour Dates
    • Heading out on tour? Awesome! Show off where you’re heading in your EPK.
    • Like external press, tour dates are a sign of success! 
  • Music Videos
    • If you’ve got a music video, definitely include it in your electronic press kit. 
    • What better way to show off your musical ability than through a video!
    • If don’t have a music video, you could create some lyric videos instead. Lyric videos are a great way of putting out video content without having to move from your laptop!

How to Gather All Your EPK Information Together

You’ve got your photos and your biography and have just polished off your lyric video. 

Now what? Where do I put it all?

There are a few options:


  • Pros:
    • Easy to embed multiple images and videos. 
    • Can be linked from various places e.g. social media. 
    • Can be quickly updated. 
    • Can have multiple inbound and outbound links. 
    • Easy to monitor traffic/engagement metrics.
  • Cons:
    • Can be expensive to create and host. 
    • Timely to put together. 
    • May be too much to keep track of.
    • Can’t be printed.

Document / PDF File

  • Pros:
    • FREE!
    • Quick to put together.
    • Easily edited. 
    • Can add multiple video/music links.
    • Can be printed.
  • Cons:
    • Will have to be reshared if updated. 
    • Can’t embed video or audio files. 
    • Can’t monitor traffic/engagement metrics.

Online Files (e.g. Google Drive Folder)

  • Pros:
    • FREE!
    • Easy to share.
    • Easy to add to.
    • Can add multiple file types.
  • Cons:
    • Not the most pleasing to look at. 
    • Can’t monitor traffic/engagement.
    • Not accessible to everyone depending on where it’s stored. 
    • Can’t be printed.

There you have it!

What an EPK is, what to include and where to plop it!

Check out an example of an Electronic Press Kit here!

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