Online Music Promotion and Marketing

I’ve always known my life would be in music. I want to help all musicians, big and small, reach their goals within the industry, grow their following, and create new fans using online music promotion and marketing. Let’s work together to light a fire under your career!

Online Music Promotion and Marketing

4 years of marketing experience. 25 years of music obsession.

What makes a musician stand out? What can you do to give your music the promotion it deserves? You don’t find fans, you make them. With the right music marketing and content creation, you will achieve what you aspire to.

Modern listeners want music they engage with. The story of the music, the history of the performer, the obstacles you’ve faced, and the wins you’ve captured all come into play when marketing your music.

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Hi, I’m Becks!

I’m a freelance digital marketer, specialising in online music promotion and marketing using social media, outreach and writing! I’m here for all your music marketing and content creation needs.

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“I would recommend Becks to anyone that’s looking for a genuine marketer. She’s on your side instead of just taking your money.” – TBliss

Offbeat Smitty

“I always feel that the work Becks does for me is done with care and appreciation for the artist that I am.” – Offbeat Smitty

Season Ten

All we really want is for our music to be heard, and it is! And it’s all thanks to Becks Marketer!“ – Season Ten

Want to understand how to use Instagram as a musician?

Read my full guide on how to use Instagram as a musician in 2023. From account and content types, to how to effectivly use hashtags, to understanding your analyrics, I want you to feel confident posting on Instagram and making the most out of the platform as a musician.

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